check in to the motel

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in a bad moooood i need a fucking bowl before i go on a killing spree.

like rly

snoop dog voice control on cod ghosts… i’m officially in love!

Hunni, my mom got strangled by my dad last year. You know what happened? She went back to him. You know what followed? MORE and WORSE abuse! She had to flee the state, now we're jumbled you in a court mess!! Please hunni, do NOT go back to him. Ever.

don’t worry i never planned on it.

i’m now with the most amazing guy in the world, he tells me he loves me every day and always tells me how happy he is to have me with him :) thank you for the concern <3

your post just came on my dash and.... i feel so terrible for you... i'm even know you but i feel so sorry, so terrible, srsly, so sorry girl, you did NOT deserved that, please be ok soon...

i am okay :) thank you for the kind message <3 

Hi, I'm the anon here who has been with her boyfriend for six years, so could understand why feelings would be conflicted and difficult to deal with. I just wanted to say that if you ever needed someone to talk to, you can always drop me a message. xxx

thank you darling <3